American Fender Telecaster Heavy Relic 2020 Nitro Red on Gold

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Red over gold-2020 American Fender Telecaster Custom Heavy Relic. This one-off 7lb 4oz American Performer Series Tele has had our “to hell and back” aging process for that broken in look and feel..

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Guitarwacky’s Custom Relic finishes surpass most relic fan’s expectations because we spare no expense in quality or time, to get that custom shop look, feel and sound without shelling out $3-7K. Our one-off heavy relic finished guitars set themselves apart from other relics with quality hand rubbed custom nitro neck and body finishes.

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Guitarwacky aged pick guard completes this incredible guitar. Frets crowned and polished and the guitar will arrive freshly setup and ready to play. Adler body. Guitarwacky on Reverb tone-modern “C” shape neck, 9.5 radius rolled edges on maple fingerboard, with 22 jumbo frets. Fresh setup with Slinky 09.s; she’s ready to go! Saddles, screws and hardware were aged and sealed, so that they will look tomorrow, the way they look today for years to come.