Fender White Heavy Relic Stratocaster CS Texas Specials!

Guitarwacky Custom Relic Finishes ages-the finest affordable American Fender Relic Stratocasters and Telecasters on the market-typically under $1500.

2012 American Fender Stratocaster Nitro Heavy Relic. Stunning one-off Strat; this heavy relic has wear and finish checking in all the right places. Upgraded 500k Vol pot! Lindy Fralin Vintage Hots-woo Woo. Our necks are smooth and fast. All sticky thick satin neck finish removed from front and back then lacquered for a speedy responsive smooth surface. Checkout our other affordable relics at Guitarwacky’s Reverb Shop-click here then:

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Understanding the significance of quality, Guitarwacky Custom relics are flawlessly detailed by artisans whose love for guitar can only be measured by the level of detShop My Store on Reverbail embodied within their relic art.



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