Fender Strat Shell Pink Heavy Relic-Flamed Neck Lindy Fralin Hot Vintage

America Matters Patriotic US Flag Guitar

America Matters Patriotic US Flag Guitar Popsocket

Guitarwacky Custom Relic Finishes ages-the finest affordable American Fender Relic Stratocasters and Telecasters on the market-typically under $1500.

American 2015 Fender Stratocaster custom heavily aged shell pink relic. (pix below) Intonation set; neck radius set 9.5in.


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This beautiful custom heavy relic Strat plays and feels like an authentic custom guitar should with base plate equipped Lindy Fralin Hot Vintage pickups powered by a 500k Vol Pot and treble bleed.

America Matters Patriotic US Flag Guitar


Guitarwacky’s proprietary finish process involves several coats of HVLP nitro lacquer, the finish is totally hand sanded, rubbed and aged to perfection. This guitar’s finish was artfully aged and is soft and smooth to the touch.

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Guaranteed to love your guitar or just send it back in same condition received within three days for a full refund.


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