American Fender Telecaster 2017 Magenta Sparkle Heavy Relic Lindy

Just completed: 2017 American Fender Telecaster custom heavily aged Magenta Sparkle nitro relic with aged maple neck. Totally custom authentically aged nitro lacquer finish makes this an absolutely gorgeous one-off custom. Magenta Metal Flake 015 metal flake over magenta pearl; done in nitro lacquer. This guitar finish pops and changes in different lighting. Additionally, the geometric finish checking is stunning and beautiful. It is noticeable from different angles and lighting and adds another awesome dimension against the metal flake.

This beautiful custom heavy relic Tele plays and feels like an authentic custom guitar should. Exotic Lindy Fralin Pickups (Stock Tele) take it to a searing level of vintage tone when needed. Stock Tele Pickups: If you’re looking for the cleanest and clearest tone, look no further. This set features a bright, clean tone that allows your Tele to sparkle. Wound by hand to 50’s specs with 42-gauge Plain Enamel wire. Hand-built bobbins feature AlNiCo V magnets. Expect clear and clean tone with a chime and bell-like quality. Slinky 09’s; she’s ready to go!  Saddles, screws and hardware were aged and sealed, so that they will look tomorrow, the way they look today for years to come.Distressed America Matters Guitar Patriot T-Shirt

Guitarwacky’s proprietary finish process involves several coats of HVLP nitro lacquer, the finish is totally hand sanded, rubbed and aged to perfection. This guitar’s finish was artfully aged and is soft and smooth to the touch.

Understanding the significance of quality, Guitarwacky Custom relics are flawlessly detailed by artisans whose love for guitar can only be measured by the level of detail embodied within their relic art. This heavy relic arrives in the pre-owned”Fender Tweed case” pictured.

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