American Fender Stratocaster Relic Nitro Lime Squeezer Green Sparkle SSS-CS 54’S

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American Fender custom heavily aged Lime Squeezer Sparkle nitro relic. Totally custom aged nitro lacquer finish makes this an absolutely gorgeous one-off custom. Lil Daddy Roth .008 metal flake over silver pearl candy; done in nitro lacquer.  This guitar finish pops and changes in different lighting. Additionally, the finish  checking is ample and beautiful.  It is noticeable from different angles and lighting and adds another dimension against the metal flake.

This beautiful custom heavy relic Strat plays and feels like a custom guitar should. Fender Custom Shop 54 Pickups take it to a searing level of vintage tone when needed. Additionally installed is a “500k volume pot” with treble bleed circuitry for the Guitarwacky on Reverbbest tonal range possible. Slinky 09’s; she’s ready to go! Six point vintage tuners, bridge saddles, screws and hardware were aged and sealed, so that they will look tomorrow, the way they look today for years to come.

Guitarwacky’s proprietary finish process involves several coats of HVLP nitro lacquer, the finish is totally hand sanded, rubbed and aged to perfection. This guitar’s finish was artfully aged and is soft and smooth to the touch.

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