Fender Telecaster Burst Heavy Relic Custom Texas Special Pickups

Guitarwacky Custom heavily aged Sunburst nitro relic inspired by a 2010 American Fender Telecaster. No dirt or shoe polish used in any of our relics. We added the mojo with pigment and texture to realistically replicate age, and feel, of that old heavy relic guitar that you always wanted but could never afford. We spare no expense in quality or time, to get that pro-custom shop look, feel and sound without shelling out $4-7K. Make Guitarwacky’s Custom Relics your “affordable” alternative.

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This beautiful custom heavy relic Tele plays and feels like a custom guitar should, plus the Fender Custom Shop Texas Specials Pickups take it to a searing level of vintage tone when needed. These pickups are not off the shelf- they came out of a 2012 Fender Custom Shop “Double Esquire” and were custom ordered and hand wound.  Also installed is a 500k volume pot with treble bleed circuitry for the best tonal range possible.

Aged to perfection, this neck is stunning and begs to be played. The finish on the back of the neck was removed to bare wood for the ultimate in smooth playability.  The large frets were leveled and polished then setup and intonated with new Slinky 10’s; she’s ready to go!  Vintage tuners, bridge, screws and hardware were aged and sealed, so that they will look tomorrow, the way they look today for years to come.

Guitarwacky’s proprietary finish process for this Telecaster involved several coats of nitro lacquer clear coat; the finish is totally hand sanded, poly removed-rubbed and aged; all processed by hand into a softened and smooth aged luster. This Tele’s finish is beautifully aged, soft and smooth to the touch.

Understanding the significance of quality, Guitarwacky relics are flawlessly detailed by artisans whose love for guitar can only be measured by the level of detail embodied within their relic art. Google us. This Relic arrives in new tweed case pictured.
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