Surf Green Fender Stratocaster Relic Noiseless Pickups

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Guitarwacky relics are cherished one-off attic finds which include many of the gold standard  add-ons costing thousands at other custom shops. Our recently completed Surf Green Fender Strat was inspired from a 1997 American Standard, powered by a set of Noiseless Pickups. Guitarwacky supplies the mojo, adds pigment, and texture, to credibly replicate the period and feel of that old guitar you’ve always wanted but never thought you could afford. Now you can!

This gorgeous “working guitar” relic has that sticky bar worn, night after night or touring mojo. The finish checking is extraordinary, and this relic will be a prized addition to anyone’s collection. Our heavy relic guitars, set themselves apart from other relics, with quality hand rubbed nitro necks and body finishes. Artfully rendered tinted pickguards, knobs and covers clearly accent and differentiate our guitars from most others on the relic market.

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Finally, several satin nitro clear coats are applied and meticulously processed by hand into a smooth softened vintage luster. They resemble old barn and attic find relic guitars-plain and simple!

Guitarwacky reproduces loved old bar find guitars that have been played nightly, shipped, toured, banged around, dropped, scratched, symbol struck and even cigarette burned.  We don’t just pump them out by slapping new loaded pickguards on vintage relic guitars. They won’t look authentic, plus it challenges the perception of vintage reality, while cutting costs in time and labor; assembly lines do that.

Guitarwacky’s Custom Relic finishes surpass most relic fan’s expectations because we spare no expense in quality or time, to get that boutique custom shop look, feel, and sound without shelling out $3-5K plus. Our Custom relics are affordable and won’t break the bank. This Strat arrives in a Fender Pro hard shell

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  1. Fender American Stratocaster Standard Relic Noiseless Pickups Vintage Surf Green
    Bought on Mar 26th, 2019 by Timothy B.
    Easily the best the guitar I’ve played/owned. The care you put in was evident, and the finished product is fantastic. Will definitely recommend your shop to others whenever possible. Thank you!

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