Vintage Fiesta Red Over Coral Custom Fender Stratocaster

Fender Stratocaster American Flag Pop Socket

Guitarwacky Custom Pop Socket Gifts on AMAZON for the Holidays!

Guitarwacky’s Custom Relic finishes exceeds most custom shop standards because we spare no expense in quality, time or excellence to make them right. We don’t just pump them out. Relic refinishes require hour after hour of detail love to age them so they look period authentic. Slapping brand new loaded pickguards, pickup covers, control knobs and hardware on what is thought to be an aged guitar is clearly cutting corners on time and cost. Assembly lines do that! At Guitarwacky’s Custom Shop, plastics are meticulously rendered and aged to period perfection with nitrocellulose lacquers and dyes.

Clients consider our refinished relics collectable keepsakes and this one is no different. Fiesta Red over Coral Custom Fender Stratocaster Relic refinished by Custom Shop.

Vintage Guitar Pop Sockets on AMAZON from Guitarwacky

This is number 2 (SN- 92018-0102) of that vintage series. This spectacular relic Stratocaster reveals itself to be a prized bar worn find with years of honest playwear from gigging and touring.

This relic was inspired from a 2004 MIM Fender Strat Standard with a Rosewood fret board, a complete set of American Fender Custom Shop Texas Specials pickups, 5-way switch with grease bucket tone circuitry and finally a 500k volume pot plus a treble bleed circuit added complementing and supercharging the Texas Special pups. This Strat looks awesome and sounds like true custom guitar. It growls, pops, and clicks like a vintage Stratocaster should then soars to the sky with searing lead progressions or rhythm and chord chomps.

Guitarwacky’s proprietary finish process is elaborate and time consuming. After several coats of nitro lacquer were applied both Coral then Fiesta Red, the finish s sanded from low to high grit (2000) hand rubbed and aged. We added texture and rendered it ready to accept several final nitro satin clear coats. Once applied,clear coats are processed by hand for hours, rendering and honing then reducing the finish to a polished high gloss surface which then softened to a gorgeous smooth aged satin luster. This Stratocaster finish is beautifully aged, soft and smooth to the touch.

Vintage tuners, bridge saddles, screws and hardware were aged then sealed, so that they will look tomorrow, the way they look today for years to come. We added the mojo with pigment and texture to realistically replicate age and feel of that old guitar you always wanted but could never afford. Guitarwacky’s Custom Relics are affordable and won’t break the bank. This Relic arrives in a Roadrunner Poly Hard Case.

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