Guitarwacky’s Black on Inca Fender Stratocaster Nitro Relic Refinish

Rock N Roll Music Popsocket

Rock N Roll Popsockets on AMAZON Custom Relic finishes is beyond most custom shop standards because no expense in quality, time or excellence is spared. We don’t just pump them out. Relic refinishes require hours of detail, and skill, to age them so they look period authentic. Slapping brand new factory loaded pickguards, pickup covers, control knobs, screws and hardware on what is thought to be an aged relic’d guitar is just cutting corners on time and expense. Assembly lines do that. At Guitarwacky’s Custom Shop plastics are meticulously rendered and aged by hand with nitrocellulose lacquers and dyes for that historical appearance.

The stunning Black on Inca Silver finish reveals splashes of Graffiti Yellow around its edges vividly accenting the dark color. The abundant finish checking is radical and stunning in its unrestrained complexity throughout the body. Like age lines on ones face, naturally ornamenting the silver and yellow against black, this Strat’s incredible finish checking is self-branding with ample mojo. This finish checked patina serves as its defining symbol of age and life experience.  Primary indicators of historical significance in humans and guitars are wrinkles and finish checking.

Feder Stratocaster Popsocket

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Clients consider our refinished relics collectable keepsakes and this one is no different.   This is number 1 (SN- 112018-01) of that vintage series. This spectacular relic started out as a 1997 Inca Silver American Standard Stratocaster which was in excellent condition. It is powered by a complete set of Fender Noiseless Pickups and circuitry.

The neck and headstock were artfully aged then lacquer tinted. The frets were leveled and polished plus a vintage bridge plate and saddles were aged and added for period accuracy. The pick guard, pickup covers and control knobs were age with several lacquer colors, then rendered and relic’d to resemble what an old heavily used but loved guitar would look like. Finally vintage bushings and tuners were added to the headstock to complete this project.

Vintage tuners, bridge saddles, screws and hardware were aged then sealed, so that they will look tomorrow, the way they look today for years to come. We added the mojo with pigment and texture to credibly replicate age and feel of that old guitar you always wanted but could never afford. Guitarwacky’s Custom Relics are affordable and won’t break the bank. This Guitarwacky Custom Fender Stratocaster Relic refinish arrives in a Black Fender Pro Tolex hard shell case to finalize our offering.

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