Gibson & Fender Reissues T-Shirt Collection on Amazon

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Abstract Pop Art Guitar Triptych

Abstract Pop Art Guitar Triptych

As you well know by now, Guitarwacky has been passionate about certain Gibson and Fender Reissue Guitars. The quality and toneare unsurpassable plus the mojo that these guitars have is glorious. Reissues are painstakingly and artfully done plus the tone is what one would expect from some of the finest guitars ever made. Over the years we have played them all and we do realize that they may not be for everybody. That said, we highly recommended the following reissues:

Gibson 1959 Les Paul Reissue VOS 2014 Electric Guitar (with Case), Ice Tea–3897927/item–GIBLPR94


Gibson Custom Shop True Historic 1958 Les Paul Reissue(with Case), Ice Tea–3897927/item–GIBLPR8TV

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