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Hi Folks, my name is Bob, and I can say that I lived a dream; did what I loved, and made fistfuls of cash doing so.  I was a guitar dealer on EBay for over five years, actively buying and selling gorgeous and expensive instruments while making tons of cash.

Things have changed somewhat since I was buying and selling, and we will discuss all that within this forum, but one thing remains the same – if you knowwhat you are doing then you should do very well for yourself in this business. I could write an eBook to sell, but I decided that I would rather just give the information away.

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In the early days, the concept of purchasing an expensive, and fragile guitar over the internet was jeered, and with good reason.  As internet site safety caught up with the technology – the concept caught on and the web became a successful and viable guitar source.  EBay became a very successful venue to get a great deal on that perfect spec guitar each one of us has in mind.  Remember, most local retailers can only maintain a limited stock, whereas one can explore EBay’s limitless inventory anytime; available to buy 24/7.

From 2004 to 2009, I had the opportunity to work from home office on EBay, buying and selling hundreds of guitars under several different accounts. In a five year period, I personally bought, and sold, over 500 guitars from the comfort of my home.  Through the internet and locally sourced venues, I bought and sold “certain” hi-end guitars including Gibson Les Paul‘s, Gibson Sgs,Fender Stratocasters, Strat Plus‘s and many Custom Shops.  I have bought and sold demand driven guitars like PRS‘s and Parker Fly‘s and many others.

I have knowledge about the business, and I will be sharing good information on risk reward ratio, expected profit margins, guitars that sell, how not to get stung, and all important pricing details and so much more coming up. I have tons of compelling guitar photos that I took, and I will be posting them  You may remember some of these pictures; who knows, they may even be pictures of your guitar when I owned them.  All of them passed through my hands at one time or another, and were eventually sold on EBay and Craigslist. Many of you may have purchased from me, including some celebs, so if you want to learn some tricks of the trade, I will be showing you how it can be done.

We will discuss what is important when purchasing a guitar online without the ability to see and touch.  If you just want to talk guitars then stay tuned, tell your friends, and check back while I get my site up and running.  Needless to say – I am GuitarWacky!  For the record my favorite guitars are Gibson 58 Reissue Les Pauls and well done relics.  I can answer questions in comments. See you soon!

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  1. This is a great tіp especiaⅼly to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Brief but very аccurate information… Mаny thanks fоr shaгing this one.

    A muѕt read artіcle!

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